Rugby Autism Network Support is available for parents, carers, and people on the Autistic spectrum. Support is available in various forms from adult support meetings, social breakfasts, and workshops.

Rugby Autism Network Breakfasts

Our informal breakfast is a chance to meet other parents and carers to have a chat. All are welcome, even if a diagnosis has not been made.

They are normally held at the Bacco Lounge in Rugby, further details and dates are on the events page.

Aimée Mann Mentoring

Aimée Mann Mentoring offer Workshops and online learning course/webinars on advocacy and self-care. It was set up after struggling to find the support and skills needed for her own self-care and advocacy for her son.

Full details of discounts and learning courses are found on Aimée Mann Mentoring page.

The Curly Hair Project

The Curly Hair Project offers workshops, Autism learning days and webinars. It was set up by Alis Rowe, who has Autism that was undiagnosed until she was an adult. All the events are based on real-life experiences.

Full details of the local events, webinars and special pricing are available on The Curly Hair Project page.

The Behaviour Circle

The Behaviour Circle Workshops are facilitated by Jane Plimmer, a Learning Disability Nurse who has recently left CAMHS NHS after 24 years to work independently. The framework encourages those who care for an individual with a ‘behaviour of concern’ to consider why behaviours are useful and therefore repeated.

Further details are available on the Behaviour Circle page.