Autism training the Girl with Curly HairRugby Autism Network has partnered up with the Curly Hair Project to offer Autism workshops and webinars at a reduced price.

The Curly Hair project was set up by Alis Rowe, who has ASD that went undiagnosed until her early adulthood. She felt isolated from her peers in her childhood and teenage years, but doesn’t want other Autistic girls to go through this. She offers Autism workshops for individuals with autism and ASD, professionals and families.

Discounts available for associate members:

The Curly Hair Project gives at 10% discount for all Autism workshops. The Rugby Autism Network then offers a further 50%, subsidy, so RAN pays 50% and RAN members pay 50% of the discounted fee.

If you are not an associate member, a form is available here.

If the event does not show the RAN discounted ticket, then please email to check that funds are available.

Autism Training available in the Midlands:

Autism workshops are regularly available within the Midlands. The courses available include:

  • Anxiety
  • Sensory Processing
  • Communication
  • Meltdowns and Shutdowns
  • Emotions
  • Social Anxiety
  • Family Relationships
 All workshops can be found on the Curly Hair Project’s events page.

Webinar Autism Training

A webinar is an online, live, web-based video that is connected to different people through the internet. It allows you to hear and see what is going on as well as see the slide shows that are offered during the webinar.

You can type out your questions in the ‘chat’ area and these would get answered at the end of the webinar.



“Your course was one of the best delivered courses I have been on in the 20 years I’ve worked in autism.”

Books by Alis Rowe:

Some of the books are available to borrow for free in the RAN library. All books by CHP are available to buy on Amazon

The Girl With the Curly Hair
Asperger's Syndrome in 5-8 year olds