behaviour Circle Workshops The behaviour circle framework encourages those who care for an individual with a ‘behaviour of concern’ to consider why behaviours are useful and therefore repeated. It also invites parents/carers to consider the young person’s thoughts and feelings, as these are what we consider to be the fuel to drive or break a behaviour.

Workshops allow people ‘time and space’ to think about the behaviour from the young person’s view point. Experience of the facilitator encourages consideration at each point in detail.

It encourages a variety of strategies rather than a ‘magic wand’ approach. It also encourages those who know the young person well to come up with some bespoke ideas/plans that are more likely to be successful rather than lifting strategies from the ‘shelf of good ideas’.

Workshops are facilitated by Jane Plimmer, a Learning Disability Nurse who has recently left CAMHS NHS after  24 years to work independently. The framework used has been developed by Bob Johnson her friend and colleague over that time and both have successfully helped many families.

Workshops run over 5 sessions of 2 hours with a minimum of 4 participants on each course.  Each participant is free to bring a ‘behaviour buddy’ whether their partner, m grandparent/carer or another person that knows the young person well. And can contribute to the understanding of the behaviour.

Workshops are designed to be useful, supportive and informative. I try and keep things simple and take a holistic approach.

Flyer for circle of behaviour workshops

Our next workshop is run over 4 days, 3rd and 10th May, 7th and 14th June 9.30 – 12.30 at Dunchurch Village Hall.

The cost is £100 per participant and you are welcome to bring a behaviour buddy as someone to help you think about your child’s behaviour.

Behaviour Circle Workshop Prices

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Standard Behaviour Circle Workshop £120 per participant (2 participants per child).

Individual work £20 per hour.

Bespoke Workshops are available on request.