The Girl with the Curly Hair presents The 4th Comic Book: For AS/NT Couples



The 4th Comic Book is intended for couples where partner has Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have written it from the perspective of the female having the ASD – since I am female – but the scenarios might also work the other way round.
As with the others in the series, the Comic Books are meant to be funny, light, easy reading, as well as sincere.
I hope you enjoy this book. I would recommend reading it separately and also with your partner. You can use the ‘space for notes’ pages to write your own strategies for dealing with the situations.
You might relate to all of the scenarios. You might relate to very few. Everyone is different, but I hope this is a starting point for lots of discussions. It will certainly provide a very visual demonstration of how two different people may perceive the same situation.