The Girl with the Curly Hair: Asperger’s Syndrome for the Neurotypical Partner (Volume 6)



The Girl with the Curly Hair has Asperger’s Syndrome (high functioning autism). In this guide she explores her relationship with her neurotypical (non-autistic) male partner. Remember, everyone is different, but she hopes it is a starting point for some helpful conversations between you and your partner to understand how the relationship is for you both. Topics include how ASD affects her in day to day life, the positives of ASD, strategies on how the neurotypical partner can help with ASD challenges, what it feels like when you are apart, why she loves you, and how you can best enjoy your time together. Suitable for ASD/NT couples in long-term relationships. The Girl with the Curly Hair hopes you can discuss aspects of the guide together and highlight any bits that resonate with your own relationship.